Thursday, January 29, 2004

Well, that was certainly worth the time! I have actually gotten a comment or two, but who's counting, really.

The ice and snow are still with us. I can see the street, the pavement--that is. But only the center of the street. Looking out the window, it feels so cold and isolating. There is actually no problem getting anywhere, however. More snow is on the way, but only 1/2 and inch. Winter has been sooo mild here lately, that most people forgot it was winter and there's a good deal of complaining about the weather being 2 degrees F. HEL-LO-O! it's winter. Not so much a problem when you consider that most of the season will be far milder than this week. errrr....i hope that's the case.

And so much writing can be done. Signed a contract for a piece that has a March deadline. But it IS only January. Heck, there's plenty of time. I actually did a bit of research. Looked through a file of saved info, and Lo there was something so pertinent that it was almost scary.

Meanwhile, there are few papers to be written which are due before March. OUCH! And why am I NOT working on those while the snow covers the ground and the ice forces me indoors. Blogging is what writers do when they want to BE writing, but not actually BE writing.

Try try again

New comment bubble in effect.

Monday, January 26, 2004

over the weekend I heard about new breeds of dogs, mixed breeds. They cross a poodle with a labradore and call it a labradoodle. It doesn't shed and they are of mild temperments. I'd be interested in a Puffed Pooch. That's when you mix a Poodle with a Stuffed Animal dog. The result is a very quiet, well-behaved pet that does not shed, does not need to eat, does not poop, and does not urinate inside or outside. The perfect pet!

It's best to blog regulary. If you don't blog regulalry, you forget your password and can't get in to add anything. What a flippin hassle!

I wish i could post photos on my blog. i'd post a photo of the ice outside. Everything is white and shiny--a touch of snow covering it all. Sort of a heavenly site. So quiet and still. Pure and white. Like living in a cloud. And you don't have to worry about going anywhere, because you can't get out. Besides the only brave person in the house has taken the car and walking in the frigid weather is not a pleasant thought. but i might just....anyway....for fun.

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