Sunday, February 20, 2005

That site is hosted by BBC. There are various "test surveys" that one can take to determine Personality type, and such. My results are below. But be warned! I spent a LONG time at this site taking manyother tests.

Flavour and Personality 1
The popcorn people know how to take charge of a situation, and these individuals are usually quick to take on extra work or pick up the slack if the need arises at work, at home, or in social situations. While these men and women have great self-confidence, they are rather modest and humble, and no one would ever call them showoffs. Popcorn lovers may hide their success so well that they may appear to be a "poor relation," while they squirrel away their treasures. If you inherit money from a relative you thought was flat broke, he or she was most likely a popcorn muncher.

Flavour and Personality 2
Don't try to keep the double chocolate chunk lovers down, because they really are the life of the party, and in some ways fit the image of the grown-up with a kid's heart. These chocolate lovers like to be the centre of attention, and because they are charming and lively they often are. Their flirtatious nature makes them easily seduced into romantic fantasy, and other people easily influence them. Despite their extroverted nature and dramatic persona, which would make them good actors, these individuals do not seek leadership, but usually trust and follow the lead of others. This makes them somewhat vulnerable in relationships, but they enjoy intimacy and romance. The double chocolate chunk lover relies on intuition and plays "hunches" rather than relying on logic. These individuals represent the prototype of their sex: the macho man and the very feminine woman are probably double chocolate chunk lovers.

Flavour and Personality 3
Perhaps you show a mixed result, 50-50 or 60-40. Many people do, and this simply means that you are not all one type or another. In fact, many of us believe we have control over some areas of our lives, but not every area.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Open mouth--- i'm more flexible than i thought---insert foot:

I noticed the man with the shaved head come in to the restaurant while we were waiting for our table. He was tall and bald, an earing in his left ear. He looked familiar, but why? I looked again. Several times. He passed me and the woman with him looked familiar, as well. I couldn't think of any connection, just a vague familiarity. I looked again, at her, more closely, turned away and thought hard. When I looked at her again and then at him, I knew. They were pregnant when I'd seen them last, at my daughter's birth-prep classes. I nearly fell over myself trying to get to them. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if they had just had a baby. Before I could explain why I was asking, she said in matter-of-fact tone, "Yes, she's with Jesus now." I half expected the sentence to be "she's with my mom and we are out for Valentine's Day." Jesus--I stared blankly.

She resecued me from my trance-like state saying, "She was born in July, and the cord was around her neck. She died." Somebody get this load of bricks off my chest! I wanted to shout. My heart wrenched in sorrow with them. They looked, not so sad, still factual. An event like that takes practice to get over. The time for public lament had passed. They were trying again, they said. My mouth opened and not much of any use came out. Sorry. I remember you from the class. Did you have chance to name her? Mary. Yes, she's with Jesus and Mary, now. They agreed.

They asked about my daughter and grandson. What to say? They are great, but she just wishes he slept more. In light of not having a baby to rock to sleep, that seems shallow and unimportant.

Somebody remind NOT to run up to people that look familiar. I think I'll keep my foot in my shoe and on the floor.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Last week I saw a photo in the paper and online of a white dove flying through the open window where the Pope was standing. It might have been more than one dove that flew inside the "house." An Old Wive's Tale says that a when a bird flies into the house, someone will die.

The next day, the news reported that the Pope was rushed to the hospital. Has anyone thought about the dove flying inside? I think the cardinals should be prepare to select a new pontif.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Too Early to Tell

At breakfast this morning, two women took a table near ours. One short and plump and the other tall and stout. The tall one (though this is a rough guess because i did not notice them until they were seated) has on purply-ping clogs with a rim of same color fur around the rim. I noticed the clogs before i noticed either of the women. The tall woman in the clogs had a matching sweatshirt on with a hood and non-descript, but too tight pants. She never took off the very dark, large, brown sunglasses covering most of her face. She never took off the gray baseball cap, either, making it difficult to know what she looked like. Her hair, all of what you could see under the hat, was red--bottle red--at least the bottom of inch which was not covered by the hat.

The woman sitting with her was older--one can only guess--with a pinched round face and glasses without rims. Her hair was short, graying, but still mostly dark, and she wore a red sweatshirt with a small cartoon character near her shoulder. She had a tiny voice and i had to strain to hear it.

My breakfast mates were talking too loudly for me to overhear the conversation with the fur rimmed slipper woman. When they saw me looking at the two women at the next table, they asked me why i was so interested. She has on fur rimmed, purply-pink, slippers--i said. Those are her shoes, was the reply. Yes, but... i am intrigued. Why? What could i say to that question?

I want to write about something odd on my blog today, and i think i've found it. But i did not explain to my friends who do not read blogs. I imagine i'd have to explain the principle of BLOG, and this would take too long.

The woman in the red sweatshirt did not have many teeth, so far as i could see. I was amazed at how comfortably, it seemed, she chewed the crusty bagel. She reminded me --they both did--of the oddities i saw everyday in the Appalachian mountains. Not bad odd, you understand. Just something that strikes you as so very different than what your used to and so you think "odd."

The colors alone--the red shirt and purply-pink one--clashed out loud for one thing. Red hair peeking out of the gray neutral cap screaming to be seen. Their conversation was animated. I don't know how the red hed could see across the table with the dark sunglasses on. If she hadn't had hair sticking out, I've have thought she was a cancer survivor. I even passed a thought that the hair was glued to the bottom of the cap somehow to give the impression of not being bald from chemo. But the glasses. Someone famous? In fuzzy slippers at 9 am?

Frequently young teens come in with crazy pajamas before school. They have been kidnapped by fellow-classmates on a birthday. Maybe the woman in red kidnapped the slipper woman on her birthday. Maybe.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Scanning my blogs of past just now, i noticed a comment (1) down below. So excited was i. Now the pressure is on, isn't it, to blog and say something at least mildly interesting.

Here it is....last night's dinner:
We invited two friends (a couple) for dinner so we could discuss our plans for taking an Alaskan cruise this summer. The husband (D) and I had gone to a travel day of info. at a shopping mall to gather all the relevant material. We'd all dutifully studied the books we'd picked up --took about a week-- and made a plan to meet and discuss over dinner. Doing this sort of thing in a restaurant would be difficult. I decided I'd cook up something.

I wanted to connect it to Alaska, but baked Alaska was the only thing i could think of that was Alaskan--which is probably like saying pizza is Italian. Salmon, too, seemed Alaskan. There were photos of salmon entries in the travel books on cruising to Alaskan. And i've read the labels at the market "Alaskan Salmon." I picked up some salmon on my trip to the market and while i was there i thought why not have something i can cook in huckleberry honey. We'd picked up the honey in the northwest on our last adventure with this couple. Seemed like a good idea. Pork chops popped into mind, so i dropped those in the basket. Wild rice sounded Alaskan and a good match for wild huckleberried pork and wild Alaskan salmon. Vegetables? A nice spinach salad with scattered wild field greens, of course, topped with rasberry vinagrette dressing and bacon--berries and pork being the operative ingredients.

At 4:30 I started the assembly process and turned on the heating elements, all of them. The salmon had marinated over-night, and the pork all day. Just to be sure, i doused them with whiskey before they entered the oven. The wild rice boiled, the peas and corn (more vegies) heated, and soon dinner was complete.

When they arrived, we poured drinks, discussed the trip details, and whetted our apetites with spinach artichoke dip. The main course followed, the plan for the trip was made, and dessert came finally from the oven. Almond poppy-seed cake with a whiskey/amereto cream sauce! Yum. What a delicious meal. And to think we even considered going to a restaurant.

All those cooking shows really pay off in the end. I had NO recipes and no idea how long anything had to cook. It's a wonder we ate at all. I believe the secret is wine. Lots of wine.

Pope John XXIII:
"In the daily exercise of our pastoral office, we sometimes have to listen, much to our regret, to voices of persons who, though burning with zeal, are not endowed with too much sense of descretion or measure. In these modern times they can see nothing but prevarication and ruin. They say that our era, in comparison with past eras, is getting worse, and they behave as though they have learned nothing from history, which is, nonetheless, the teacher of life...[We] feel we must disagree with these prophets of gloom, who are always forecasting disater, as though the end of the world were at hand. In the present order of things, Divine Providence is leading us to a new order of human relations." Speech of Oct. 11, 1962.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I should be writing an essay now. The one I should have written yesterday. Only 23 days left until all 6 essays will be called upon to march elequently out of my head onto an exam page. I don't have any of the little word soldiers ready for duty. The Iraqi army looks more prepared.

If I was going to write and essay just now, it would pertain to the chiastic structure in the gospel of John, specifically the pericope in chapter 3 about Nicodemus. I could fool myself into thinking that I am blogging and wasting time when in actuallity I'm writing the essay here. But that won't work. Because I am hungry and the phone is ringing.

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