Friday, February 27, 2004

I wrote a memorial limmerick in this space and posted it. It did not appear. All attempts at recreating anything near it hav failed me. It's a lot like life. Once it's gone, it's gone. Can't be recreated. The end is just final. Not everything that ends is gone forever. But things that live and then die are gone. We cannot bring them back, no matter what we try to do. Only in memories will they meet us again. The ability to remember is our creative act. In the memory we create life. A bit of imagination and a thought from the past, voila....new life from what is no more.

I miss Chloe the 13 year-old Cocker Spaniel. She was too cute to be anything else. We grew used to her inability to improve on cute. Not smart. Not functional. No use whatsoever. Just cute. Sometimes cute is enough. If you are a dog.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Chloe was a dog we once had
When she was old we were sad
To put her to sleep
In order to keep
Memories of her from being bad.

She's gone now. Sometimes it is sad. I am sad when I think of her. Part of me misses her. The part of me that misses her is the part that misses the life that was and is no more. It's only part of me. The other part of me is ready to move on into tomorrow and enjoy today. The only thing constant in life is change, they say.

From my office window, I watched a lady walk by with her little white dog. I think to myself how nice the weather must be out there, despite the February gray sky. When I am finished with the present project, I'll walk Chloe, I think. Then, I remember that she is gone and I will have to walk alone. I won't go for a walk today. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Here's something:
I read an article in CRISIS magazine about global warming. The writer said two things that caught my attention. One, that the globe was actually begining to be warmer in the Middle Ages, and then cooled down; only to be warmer as it approached the present century. Two, the present state of warming seems to have some galactic cause beyond all human control and only something God can deal with. What if in the Middle Ages people began to pray. They were a prayerful bunch for awhile. But then the Reformation and the Enlightenment led people away from so much prayer. Much like the present day when the globe has been heating up. Rather than blaming the burning of CO2's and all, we should pray! That's the answer.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

I see by the super accurate counter that I have no--zip, nada--comments coming in. I might have to make a few myself. After browsing around the internet, I see that I am not as busy at this blogging as so many others. There are blogs with have a world's news posted and then comments. UH-mazing! Who has that much time in a day, I wanna know.

I have not read anything worth commenting on today. I could go in search of some radical news item, but I'd probably lose myself in the process. The multi-task tool is not one I control well. One thing leads to ten others. Forty-two sites later and you have not learned a whole lot. Except maybe checking the weather.

All you hear on news lately --or read-- is politics. Busch, or not; Kerry or not; Dean or not; ready or not. Who can choose? When are they gonna actually put someone out there that we actually WANT to vote for. it's always the least worst candidate. Has it always been this way? When FDR ran, did everyone think he was a good choice out of several good choices? Or Roosevelt? When did the to runners start looking like losers before they even started the race? Who would really want the job? They are all nuts. We should find someone who does not want to be president, but would be really good at leading the country. We could MAKE him run. Or her. No one care anymore. Isn't that just nuts. Lots of people lead major organizations. Those leaders are actually not too bad.

Take for example principals of schools. Now there's a group of nuts. Who would want that job? Low pay, people crabbin' at ya all day, and blaming you for their children's low grades. But there are some principals that know what they are doing. They get up everyday and jump into the driver's seat headed for success. They love their jobs. Gotta love 'em.

Any public servant in the public eye has to be looking at the whole picture a bit differently than the rest of us. They must be hungry for control and power. The best ones neither want nor need control and know that they are powerless. Those are the people who get the best work accomplished. The ones who want things to go well for the rest of us. And there aren't too many of them. None of them want to be President.

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