Tuesday, April 27, 2004

It isn't that I mind a bit of "democratic" opinion sharing before we launch more laws that bind us....but the radical elements that choose to voice their opinions on these matters do more harm than good.

Need an example--go here: http://bunniediehl.worldmagblog.com/
Or try this one: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1124310/posts

I am sure the other side (not at this march perhaps but on their own day) have acted out of a not so peaceful spirit--as in the few killings of abortionist doctors, etc., and hitting pro-choicers with rosaries (i've heard has been done) but I don't have any photos of pornographic, evil, hateful signs displayed by the pro-lifers.

Polemic sides like pro-choice and pro-life can only serve to divide. There can be NO dialogue when the line is so deeply drawn. How do we preach peace when we don't even get along with our own families at a holiday gathering. Or worse, yet, beat each other up at pro-choice rallies. There is choice to made. When I see the situation from the other person's point of view, I will then be ready to dialogue. Not agree with them. But to live with them, loving them for who they are. Not using all my efforts to change them into who I want them to be.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Spent the weekend at Lake Teal. All rain no walking. Lots of attempts at final paper. Could not muster up any energy toward the project. Shuffled thru what was written and moved things around and added canned words from manuscript. I'll live to regret the wasted attempts and time spent musing on other things.

The lake is still murky. Might be that it is a small body of water and the rain is enough to stir it up. Even thru the rain drops I could see in the lake's surface a reflection of shooting flames coming from the cabin across the lake. The binoculars revealed some sort of furnace or stove out on the deck. And inside the cabin two naked people. Looked like maybe they'd been in a hot tub. He stood in his birthday suit right in the middle of the slider door--all glass. More than once. He never looked at the flames on his deck. Just gazed out on the water. Creepy feeling he could see me with the binoculars, as the cabin sits facing ours across the water. It felt a bit like being in a Hitchcock movie. I fully expected him to stab the woman who walked through the room wearing a man's shirt over her nothingness. But instead he pulled it from her and teased her with it. It would be worthless at this point to say I tried not to watch them. I was really watching the flames shoot out over a foot from the stove across a wooden deck. More fire going on inside the cabin.

Friday, April 23, 2004

People die and we tell children, "_____ is in heaven with God." Christians might even say with Jesus. And children wonder where is heaven and can they visit. Well, no, not exactly. And many kids I've asked have described heaven as a garden, a place of peace, a place where you have everything you want, and the reward for living a good life. Where do they get these ideas? We don't, any of us, know what heaven is like, not really. Nor do we know where to find it. Say, like, on a map as we would Florida.

But if you want to know what to tell kids, the next time they ask, buy the book: 'What is Heaven?" Published by Liguori Press and available on their web site.

At the risk of putting some men on the defensive, i will disclose the reason Jesus chose men as his 12 apostles, that is according to a 65 year-old Italian mother of five boys, now all adults. She says that after raising the five boys in the Catholic Church it is very clear to her: if Jesus had NOT walked right up to those 12 men and said "YOU! follow me," they'd still be fishing never having noticed Jesus was in the neighborhood...until of course their mothers or wives pointed it out. And she says, so would her sons and all the other sons. I guessed that she came from a parish (in Pittsburgh) where the women were the ones cleaning and ironing and attending daily Mass and forming rosary groups, not to mention singing in the choir and feeding the hungry priests. [i do not beleive this mother was kidding, but i do some humor in it--it's Friday]

In my parish and many others, lots and lots of men go to daily Mass; men of many ages; including my husband --and I never asked him to. He has also said a daily rosary for years--since our children entered their teens. (--is there a connection?)

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Gadyooks! Ollk at the date. Over a month. Why no wonder I don't win any awards for my blog site.

And other reasons i don't block every day. Seems this morning I spilled coffee all over my keyboard. And now I see I have the Y aned Z reversed on in their positions. I typed without thinking or looking at them and they come out as they should. Bu t when you look at the keyboard, it's not easy to ignore the Z when you are going for a Y. I took off 60% if the keys, i s'pose. And underneath, a virtual world of moss and undergrowth. Hair, nats, larger insects, liquid java holding it all together. Now I see the L and the O are reversed. I will have to fix that.

It's a dea dgive away that somenoen meesed with the keyboard, and later someone will want to know who and why. Unless they read this blog, they will NEVER know.

I must see to fixing the keys.

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