Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I am not wanting to hear any more news from Iraq. When the sound bites come in over the radio--usually NPR--I change the station, fast. This week another man was beheaded. I didn't hear the details this time, but I doubt if it was a quick beheading. The last one sounded brutal and cruel. These men are suffering from horible psychotic problems. They are like serial killers en masse. I don't know the full extent of the torture in the Iraq prison, but I am pretty sure we did not knife anyone's head off. I am wondering if perhaps this wouldn't be something the villans would understand. The sexual expoitation and belittlement of the prisoners was like child's play for them. Oh, sure sure, the Iraqi fundamentalists are all about pure, undefiled sexuality--right! I'll believe that when they all castrate themselves for ALA. Subjecting the prisoners to sexual torture was NOT right, not moral, and inexcusable. But we didn't cut their heads off and video tape the event for the world. Nope. And when the men with the knives are caught, their heads will remain tight to their necks all thru their fair trials. How nice for them.

No one understands war anymore in the western world. And that makes waging war difficult when the other side understands perfectly well what war means.

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