Friday, May 23, 2003

End of the week folow-up:
The Bolozone is still condemned. They will need to start from scratch with building plans, etc. before the city reinstates any kind of residency permits and building permits.

Those who choose to live this community existence where they rely on one another for the cooperative living style call themselves Anarchists. An interesting title to choose. They are opposed to all forms of laws, and only desire for people to take responsibility for themselves and their neighbor, desiring what is only mutually good for all. Isn't that a lovely thought? The forces in the world threatening this ideology are mostly the corporate structures and governments. The latter mostly because they impose laws which tend to protect the corporate structures. The corporations are out to get you and me and all our money and enslave us under the misconception that we really want TV's, microwaves, gas guzzling cars, and 9-5 jobs in tall glass buildings. We are all fools, it would seem. Anarchists want nothing more than to free us from our foolish materialistic desires.

Anarchists, anarchists, anarchists, what can I tell you? I have found it interesting to note that they do not refer to themselves "a community" or "coop" or even "commune." Nope, they call their merry little haven of cooperative living "a collective." That's right, like the BORG from Star Trek. As they free us from our unhealthy and enslaving desires, their motto is "resistance is futile."

Coincidentally, the police have the same motto. The only difference, so far as I've been able to tell, is the anarchists are non-violent in their persuasion, whereas the police have nothing against violence. Anarchists will bring us all into the collective without law or force. For their message is GOOD and for our own betterment. The police, governments, and corporations need laws to keep us all in line; therefore, their message is BAD and leads to destruction.

I think I've got this right. If can help clarify the picture for me, please write to me, soon.

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