Thursday, July 17, 2003

Is it just because it's July or have i begun to turn into a slug for no reason? I can't seem to get anything done. i can't actually seem to BEGIN to do anything--really constructive.

yesterday I had my hair cut for our trip out to the wild wild west...national parks and hiking and so forth and 6 nights on a train. I said, I love this style, just like it is. Can you do this but a bit shorter for travel. She said, Great. Next thing I know i have no hair. It's darn near pixie in length. And wouldn't you know that those photos of me styling the pixie cut when i was 6 would emerge from my mom's basement just the very week i have my hair cut.

i did wash three windows yesterday. i wrote to my editor. i took care of lots of business calls--and no one was IN. So, i have to wait for them to call back, and it feels as if nothing is getting done.

I am struggling with what shoes to bring on the train trip out west. I don't want to bring more than two pair you see. So, they must be chosen with great wisdom. The hiker-shoes are just too oafy looking with shorts but tennis shoes won't hold traction on hiking trails and i don't want to break my ankle. The Clark's Mary Jane's are cute for walking about and a skirt for dinner, but not LONG walks, maybe, as they are new. And the train people recommend covered toe shoes so that rules out my perfect Rockport sandals. Maybe the oafy hiking shoes will distract people from my pixie hair cut.

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