Thursday, July 03, 2003

Man o man, the last time i blogged was june 10. how can that be? i ask myself. talk about constipation of ideas.

nice segue to - lately, I've been thinking about toilet paper. Not the paper and its use exactly, but the fact that all toilet paper now comes in "double rolls." Who defined the single roll? And now that its all double, isn't that a meaningless description or classification? You can't hardly find a "single roll" anymore. All the pricing is based on this twice as much economic comparison. But twice as much as something that no longer exits--or at least not readily--doesn't really count. Not to mention that it makes it exceedingly difficult to do the math involved in which package is actually the best buy. No doubt, this confusion is precisely what the manufacturer and distributor wants.

Was changing the roll that much trouble that we needed to only change it less often? To save time? Measured in seconds. Or could it be that due to the American obesity problemo these days, we actually use twice as much toilet paper in the time it took to go through one roll - the single kind.

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