Sunday, November 30, 2003

Just read through Open Book (A. W.'s blog) and wondered how does she write so much so early on a Sunday morning. She doesn't live that far east that she has had so many more hours of sunshine. but there it was, at least 7, maybe 10 entries. Each one of them with links and clues that she's been all over the internet reading this and that on current issues.

Meanwhile, I read her blog and wondered--where does the time go?

I emptied my hotmail-box from 4 pages to 1 page of mail. Ahhh...there's satisfaction is that completed task. Printed out and filed important pieces for business records, etc. Wrote a long overdue reply to one email. And now i'll turn to the tasks at hand for final's week....papers, presentations, and exams. The sun shines invitingly outside the window, but the thermometer warns me to stay inside and get the work finished. Time to play another day. Time to blog another day, too.

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