Wednesday, November 19, 2003

"Look I am going to make something new. Do you see what it is?" (Isaiah 40)

At every moment God is making something new. The renewal is ongoing before we can imagine it. God's present moment is inconceivable to our human perceptions. Each breath i take, and each beat of my heart is new. The breath of God permeates every cell and atom in the universe. Each one made new over and over again. Nothing remains the same.

Sameness is comfortable and that is why God's ways are often uncomfortable for me. God's ways seem comfortable on occassion because i perceive them as familiar, but they are not the same. I try to recognize the new and the change at each moment. My awarenes that now there is something new helps me perceive it, but i am not always in an awareness mode. More often I am in a past tense or future mode. Awareness is being present to the sparks of the new that God makes and remakes.

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