Monday, December 22, 2003

It looks as though nothing has been written lately on this blog. And that's true BUT....now there is a "your turn" link that allows readers --all one of them-- to comment on the blog entries. That took me several tries. Every time i logged onto the blog edit page, i'd see that i hadn't finsihed with the html for the comment link and it drove me nuts. i made several errors. really only one error, but didn't catch it and so in trying to fix it, i made more errors. but i deleted them ALL. AND voila, c'est fini.

So, while nothing appears to be actively added since 12-4, i've been behind the scenes. oh yes. and busy busy.

Meanwhile, back at the maison, Christmas looms near. But not as near as my BIRTHDAY! which is tomorrow. hello.

No big plans. I'm thinking latte in the tub. PJ's til noon.

The shoppers have been out in force these last few days. I've avoided the real jams. Off the beaten tack shopping for me. Went to the Botanical Garden today. Lovely train and poinsetta display. Too yicky outside to walk about. Just sat and chatted with PH. Near a window. When I left I cruised the spice shop in Maplewood and bought a few gifts. Traffic was not nice. the highway was closed. CLOSED. Had to find an alternate route home. I was starving, but luckily had a loaf of great bread in the car--quickie stop at the food mart--and some ice tea.

Bread and tea. What more does a body need?

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