Monday, February 23, 2004

Chloe was a dog we once had
When she was old we were sad
To put her to sleep
In order to keep
Memories of her from being bad.

She's gone now. Sometimes it is sad. I am sad when I think of her. Part of me misses her. The part of me that misses her is the part that misses the life that was and is no more. It's only part of me. The other part of me is ready to move on into tomorrow and enjoy today. The only thing constant in life is change, they say.

From my office window, I watched a lady walk by with her little white dog. I think to myself how nice the weather must be out there, despite the February gray sky. When I am finished with the present project, I'll walk Chloe, I think. Then, I remember that she is gone and I will have to walk alone. I won't go for a walk today. Maybe tomorrow.

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