Friday, April 23, 2004

At the risk of putting some men on the defensive, i will disclose the reason Jesus chose men as his 12 apostles, that is according to a 65 year-old Italian mother of five boys, now all adults. She says that after raising the five boys in the Catholic Church it is very clear to her: if Jesus had NOT walked right up to those 12 men and said "YOU! follow me," they'd still be fishing never having noticed Jesus was in the neighborhood...until of course their mothers or wives pointed it out. And she says, so would her sons and all the other sons. I guessed that she came from a parish (in Pittsburgh) where the women were the ones cleaning and ironing and attending daily Mass and forming rosary groups, not to mention singing in the choir and feeding the hungry priests. [i do not beleive this mother was kidding, but i do some humor in it--it's Friday]

In my parish and many others, lots and lots of men go to daily Mass; men of many ages; including my husband --and I never asked him to. He has also said a daily rosary for years--since our children entered their teens. (--is there a connection?)

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