Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Gadyooks! Ollk at the date. Over a month. Why no wonder I don't win any awards for my blog site.

And other reasons i don't block every day. Seems this morning I spilled coffee all over my keyboard. And now I see I have the Y aned Z reversed on in their positions. I typed without thinking or looking at them and they come out as they should. Bu t when you look at the keyboard, it's not easy to ignore the Z when you are going for a Y. I took off 60% if the keys, i s'pose. And underneath, a virtual world of moss and undergrowth. Hair, nats, larger insects, liquid java holding it all together. Now I see the L and the O are reversed. I will have to fix that.

It's a dea dgive away that somenoen meesed with the keyboard, and later someone will want to know who and why. Unless they read this blog, they will NEVER know.

I must see to fixing the keys.

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