Sunday, April 25, 2004

Spent the weekend at Lake Teal. All rain no walking. Lots of attempts at final paper. Could not muster up any energy toward the project. Shuffled thru what was written and moved things around and added canned words from manuscript. I'll live to regret the wasted attempts and time spent musing on other things.

The lake is still murky. Might be that it is a small body of water and the rain is enough to stir it up. Even thru the rain drops I could see in the lake's surface a reflection of shooting flames coming from the cabin across the lake. The binoculars revealed some sort of furnace or stove out on the deck. And inside the cabin two naked people. Looked like maybe they'd been in a hot tub. He stood in his birthday suit right in the middle of the slider door--all glass. More than once. He never looked at the flames on his deck. Just gazed out on the water. Creepy feeling he could see me with the binoculars, as the cabin sits facing ours across the water. It felt a bit like being in a Hitchcock movie. I fully expected him to stab the woman who walked through the room wearing a man's shirt over her nothingness. But instead he pulled it from her and teased her with it. It would be worthless at this point to say I tried not to watch them. I was really watching the flames shoot out over a foot from the stove across a wooden deck. More fire going on inside the cabin.

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