Monday, May 03, 2004

In the blogging world, entries are made instead of dinner. Links connect people not lunch. Nothing gets done but blog by blog by blog. What do these people do? Day after day there's more, each blog site filling with commentary, commentary on commentary, and contests to see whose commentary can rule the blogdom or blogsphere.

When you dump the contents of a 16oz latte on your keyboard, you are severely limited to the scope and depth and keystrokes you can make from now on. There's the time it takes to hunt down another keyboard. First, you pop off all the keys on the wet board and mop up the spill. An enormous amount of hair, dust, crumbs, and real bugs lie beneath the keys and must be sponged up with the latte. With the keys snapped back into place [well, except those z and y keys that somehow reversed themselves in the process--and a couple that are now uppsydown] all is well. Not for long, wait, nope, the control key is inoperative. Ratx. okay, so what use is that anzwaz. One day after the spill the delete key deletes nothing. No matter how hard or how long it is struck, nothing is deleted. Nor can you go home anymore. You can't even get to the end. Or page up or page down. Ru-oh! The number pad doesn't work now. But all can be endured until one day, three days after the accident, the spacebardoesntworkandthereisnothingtobedonebutquit.

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