Friday, May 07, 2004

New spillproof keyboard means my coffee is never a hazard again. How is the keyboard spillproof, i wonder. Looks just the same as all the other keyboards. It was the cheapest one of the lot. Some ranging as hight as $100 did not offer the spillproof addition. Oddly, this one was $12. Feels like a real bargain.

If only there was something noteworthy to enter into the blog. What with this clean, fresh, dry, precise keyboard, I could be saying anything at all.

Here's a shot: Friends series ended last night with a two hour final episode. I saw the last hour. Why watch both? Waste of time. Why watch it at all? It's a cultural thing. How america thinkgs and all. Found myself feeling sad at the end. Mind you, I can't even tell you which one is Chandler and which one is Joey. The girls are a total toss up. I usually can remember Phoebe, the blonde. She's the funniest one. The others are just props with lines. I have not watched it over the last year, and didn't know two were married to one another, the others had gotten divorces--i swear they were married before--and now at least two of them were forming a lasting relationship with one another. And the married ones were having a surogate baby. Didn't know who the 5th )or 7th in this case) wheel was haning around with Phoebe. But I was sad just the same.

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