Sunday, February 20, 2005

That site is hosted by BBC. There are various "test surveys" that one can take to determine Personality type, and such. My results are below. But be warned! I spent a LONG time at this site taking manyother tests.

Flavour and Personality 1
The popcorn people know how to take charge of a situation, and these individuals are usually quick to take on extra work or pick up the slack if the need arises at work, at home, or in social situations. While these men and women have great self-confidence, they are rather modest and humble, and no one would ever call them showoffs. Popcorn lovers may hide their success so well that they may appear to be a "poor relation," while they squirrel away their treasures. If you inherit money from a relative you thought was flat broke, he or she was most likely a popcorn muncher.

Flavour and Personality 2
Don't try to keep the double chocolate chunk lovers down, because they really are the life of the party, and in some ways fit the image of the grown-up with a kid's heart. These chocolate lovers like to be the centre of attention, and because they are charming and lively they often are. Their flirtatious nature makes them easily seduced into romantic fantasy, and other people easily influence them. Despite their extroverted nature and dramatic persona, which would make them good actors, these individuals do not seek leadership, but usually trust and follow the lead of others. This makes them somewhat vulnerable in relationships, but they enjoy intimacy and romance. The double chocolate chunk lover relies on intuition and plays "hunches" rather than relying on logic. These individuals represent the prototype of their sex: the macho man and the very feminine woman are probably double chocolate chunk lovers.

Flavour and Personality 3
Perhaps you show a mixed result, 50-50 or 60-40. Many people do, and this simply means that you are not all one type or another. In fact, many of us believe we have control over some areas of our lives, but not every area.

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