Friday, February 04, 2005

Too Early to Tell

At breakfast this morning, two women took a table near ours. One short and plump and the other tall and stout. The tall one (though this is a rough guess because i did not notice them until they were seated) has on purply-ping clogs with a rim of same color fur around the rim. I noticed the clogs before i noticed either of the women. The tall woman in the clogs had a matching sweatshirt on with a hood and non-descript, but too tight pants. She never took off the very dark, large, brown sunglasses covering most of her face. She never took off the gray baseball cap, either, making it difficult to know what she looked like. Her hair, all of what you could see under the hat, was red--bottle red--at least the bottom of inch which was not covered by the hat.

The woman sitting with her was older--one can only guess--with a pinched round face and glasses without rims. Her hair was short, graying, but still mostly dark, and she wore a red sweatshirt with a small cartoon character near her shoulder. She had a tiny voice and i had to strain to hear it.

My breakfast mates were talking too loudly for me to overhear the conversation with the fur rimmed slipper woman. When they saw me looking at the two women at the next table, they asked me why i was so interested. She has on fur rimmed, purply-pink, slippers--i said. Those are her shoes, was the reply. Yes, but... i am intrigued. Why? What could i say to that question?

I want to write about something odd on my blog today, and i think i've found it. But i did not explain to my friends who do not read blogs. I imagine i'd have to explain the principle of BLOG, and this would take too long.

The woman in the red sweatshirt did not have many teeth, so far as i could see. I was amazed at how comfortably, it seemed, she chewed the crusty bagel. She reminded me --they both did--of the oddities i saw everyday in the Appalachian mountains. Not bad odd, you understand. Just something that strikes you as so very different than what your used to and so you think "odd."

The colors alone--the red shirt and purply-pink one--clashed out loud for one thing. Red hair peeking out of the gray neutral cap screaming to be seen. Their conversation was animated. I don't know how the red hed could see across the table with the dark sunglasses on. If she hadn't had hair sticking out, I've have thought she was a cancer survivor. I even passed a thought that the hair was glued to the bottom of the cap somehow to give the impression of not being bald from chemo. But the glasses. Someone famous? In fuzzy slippers at 9 am?

Frequently young teens come in with crazy pajamas before school. They have been kidnapped by fellow-classmates on a birthday. Maybe the woman in red kidnapped the slipper woman on her birthday. Maybe.

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