Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Project:

My mother has broken her leg (May 21) and is in a rehab facility until end of July.
WHILE SHE IS OUT, I am stripping the wallpaper from her family room and attached bath in order to move her bedroom furniture in and create a new bedroom space. It's my own tv program, I guess. The first wall I tackled is 13 x 8 of totally bad wallpaper. But underneath it's only worse: black wallpaper with an Asian motif. And under that the wall is painted DARK green. The paper comes off in small pieces, bit by bit the textured vinyl first layer comes off and occasionally is accompanied by the black second layer. From time to time, I scrape off the surface only to stare into the eyes of a Japanese Romeo serenading his beloved Asian Juliet with a lyre as she swoons on the upper level of a gazebo. Sweet scene. But a whole wall of it?

I have 250 sq. feet of paper to remove, that's if you don't count the second layer, too. And then I'll paint it. The colors are puzzling. The attached bath is yellow tile with a black tile border about half way up the walls. Black and yellow, not much to work with unless you like bees.

Muzzy does not know that her house is being refurbished. I can't ask for design preferences. But I know she likes orange. However, black and yellow and orange is not a likely combination. I will probably default to vanilla. First, I have to get the paper off, and this chore is proving to be more than I planned. Not much else is getting done, at my house, online blogging, all writing projects on hold, and ten minute music practices. I persevere, onward. My vision compels me to complete the project.

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