Sunday, August 07, 2005

Earliest Blogs?

According to W. Caleb McDaniel of Common-place, the eighteenth century writer, Henry Clarke Wright, was [one of] the earliest bloggers if public journaling can be considered a forerunner of the blog tradition. McDaniel offers this analysis:
[Wright's] reflections on writing are eerily evocative of what it is like to blog. Wright shared several traits with the prototypical bloggerÂ?his eccentric range of interests, his resolution "to write down what I see and hear and feel daily," his use of journals to "let off" rants of "indignation," his utopian conviction that writing might change the world, and (not least) his practice of spending the "greater part of the day writing in his room."

Still available in some form , Wright's "blogs" can be enjoyed today. The McDaniel article also offers a brief overview of the Big Bang of Blogging.

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