Monday, August 22, 2005

I've often said, right out loud, that i cannot figure out the fascination with golf. I can sort of understand playing golf--it's outdoors, it's relatively low on the energy drain, time to converse in between as one walks or drives between tee offs---unlike BINGO in which conversations are frowned upon and the breaks are too short--- and maybe there are refreshing beverages on board the golf cart. But it seems to be on the boring side, just the same. Stand still, hit a ball that is standing still, at a hole which is standing still, albeit far away--but you can try again--and this is sport? At least in bowling, you step once or twice into the alley and swing a ball that could injure you. Watching golf is really in question. Here's one guy's opinion:

"As an action-packed sport, golf ranks down with baseball and bowling, except that baseball is faster-paced and bowlers are whirling dervishes compared with golfers. Some golfers do exhibit sudden movements when they win a tournament, but it's always a shock to see they can get both feet in the air at once.

Golf features no body contact, no car crashes and no cheerleaders, yet men keep watching. They make up more than 80 percent of the TV audience for golf. This might simply be because they like watching a game they play themselves; men make up nearly 80 percent of the golfers in America, too. But then why do so many guys play such a frustrating game?"

The writer concludes that it stems from prehistoric fascination of hunter men who had nothing better to do all day than to hurl things at targets. That's as good as any reason I've heard. Prehistoric mentality? Oxymoron?

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