Saturday, August 06, 2005

Selling Your House?
Let St. Joseph help

The benefits (or not) of an underground realtor--
forget sending $9.95 for the St. Joseph Kit

I bought a statue (before the "kit" was invented; maybe two inches tall, 79 cents--cheap and beige) of St. Joseph before selling our house in Illinois. I asked for his help on that sale and the next four houses we sold as we moved around the country. I never buried the statue, but I prayed, and I put him on the windowsill of every house. After many years of moving him from one windowsill to another, I was surprised when one of my friends picked him up and said, "St. Francis probably enjoys the view of your garden out the window." ST FRANCIS~~? Oh, he's holding a bird--I thought it was Jesus all this time. But ALL five houses sold in five different states within two weeks (or so) of hitting the market. I think prayer and the mediation of saints do work on our behalf--it matters not what statue we use to remind us to pray.

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