Friday, September 16, 2005


Yesterday, I visited my mother at the nursing home where she is recuperating from her fall. Looking for something to entertain us, we wandered into the activity room. A man--clearly an Elvis impersonator-- was helping the elders in the room to try their luck at a bass fishing tournament. He brings with him ten tv's, each one hooked to its own software of a bass fishing game that might be called FISH ON! Each elderperson has his own "joystick" fishing pole, complete with the reel. They cast toward the set, reel the lure along, as they watch the screen, waiting for the big catch. Eventually, a BIG fish comes and grabs the lure, and everyone in the room shouts "NORMA, you got one. REEL it in!!" One of three things can happen: Norma 1) reels it just right and nabs the fish; 2) reels to fast and the line breaks; 3) reels to slowly and the fish gets away. It's a hoot. Most of the people stare blankly at the screen and reel sort of absent mindedly until people yell their name and say YOU CAUGHT a FISH. Then they reel like crazy. All the while, the Elvis look-a-like is the most animated, gracious game host I've ever witnessed. He tells us he is a friend of Elvis, and that when Elvis comes he will have to wait in the car. I can't wait til he comes back with Elvis. His resemblance to the KING is amazing. Almost as amazing as FISH ON!!

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