Monday, September 12, 2005

Lost Appetite

The carb dieters and animal rights activists (and not a few vegetarians) may rejoice in the news of better, bigger, happier, lower carb meats, but the whole thing sounds as bad as soylent green if you ask me.

Seems the stem cell research has led scientists to create better animal flesh in Petry dishes. "The basic concept behind what is known as in vitro cultivated meat sounds surprisingly simple. Meat is mostly made up of bundled muscle cells, interspersed with fat and connective tissue cells. If it were possible to grow these cells in the laboratory and combine them at the right ratios, test-tube meat could become a reality. The patent that serves as the basis for the Dutch research project puts the issue succinctly: "The product has the structure and flavor of lean meat, but without requiring animals to suffer and without involving religious and ethical concerns or causing environment problems, all of which are the case in today's meat production."

I am not kidding - Test-tube T-bones

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