Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oh Yeah! Jon's a walkin' little man, now.
"Run run, as fast as you can. YOU can't catch me! I'm a walkin' little man."

Woke up this morning, feel 'round for my shoes,
You know 'bout that babe, had them old walkin' blues.
Woke up this morning, I feel 'round for my shoes,
You know 'bout that babe, Lord, I had them old walkin' blues.

To take the "test,: go here MST
The questions are in brief "story" form. There are twelve, similar to this:
Standing by the railroad tracks, Evan sees an empty, out-of-control boxcar about to hit five people. Next to Evan is a lever that can be pulled, lowering the railing on a footbridge that spans the main track, and causing one person to fall off the footbridge and onto the main track, where he will be hit by the boxcar. The boxcar will slow down because of the one person, therefore preventing the five from being hit. If Evan pulls the lever the one person will fall and be hit by the boxcar, and therefore the boxcar will slow down and not hit the five people. If Evan does not pull the lever the boxcar will continue down the tracks and hit the five people, and the one person will remain safe above the main track. Evan decides to pull the lever.

Then, you are asked a series of questions.

TODAY's famous birthday---
Happy Birthday Agatha Christie (1890)!!

One of my favorites is And Then There Were None.

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