Sunday, December 11, 2005


For information on being the caregiver for elderly parents, Aging Parents is a great online source for support.

As the medical field finds more and more ways of curing various illnesses, people live much longer, but the quality of life can decline when their bodies just can't muster the strength to heal properly. Mental functions due to RX interactions and poor blood circulation decline significantly, allowing for dangerous situations at home. Many adult "children" of aging parents find themselves sandwiched between their own young adult children's needs and the critical care needs of their parents. Financial, medical, and emotional care is filled with complexities that require specific solutions, and information beyond the scope of the average person.

Aging Parents online support site offers a wealth of sources and even a support group where people share experiences. One's own situation seems intolerable, until held up against the problems that others are facing. In addition, the task of elder care does not seem as daunting knowing that so many others worldwide are living through similar experiences.

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