Monday, January 23, 2006


Not that the previous entry was meant to disuade anyone from a lifetime of reading, mind you, but catching up on the Nobel Prize Authors in Literature will be somewhat daunting. The prize has been awarded since 1901 and the list of winners can be viewed at Wikapedia
I've listed the last five years, seems more manageable, in my sidebar with Amazon links. The library is sure to have most of them. But after I looked inside a few of them, I decided I would not read them for now. The titles are listed anyway, just in case, but no links to Amazon on the darker, less popular titles.

I have seen the Nobel Prize that was awarded to Rudyard Kipling in his home in England. Bateman's is a spectacular home, with one room papered with animal skin leather. The grounds are worth visiting, with plenty of garden and views.

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