Monday, February 06, 2006

I wanna be in Miami! What a pleasant place to be, if only for one week--or less. The Bal Harbor Resort is heaven. In fact, I had the odd thought, "What if when you die you go to Miami?" I noticed there are many Jews in heaven. The young Jewish girls (teens) were dressed at poolside in long black skirts, long black sleeved t-shirty blouses, and plugged in to various electronic entertainment devices. They sunned their lower legs and their faces. And they swam in the same attire--with suits under their clothing. The clothing was SKIN tight, so one cannot say it was overly modest, except that no skin was showing--or very little.

Besides that, the temperature hovered around 80 all week, allowing me some poolside reading and sunning time. Back in the cold northern weather, I can't show off my tan for all the layers of clothing I have to wear to stay warm. sigh.

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