Monday, March 06, 2006

Hail! Zicam!!
I played with J. Friday while A. attended a class at Children's Hospital. The little fart had a fever and a raging cold, as did A. sans fever. Saturday night, 3 a.m. I awoke with a scorched throat. Bah! Quick--run to Walgreens for the Zicam. As i sunk deeper and deeper into aches and shivers, I Zicammed every four hours. Now, twenty-four hours later, I think I might have licked the major onslaught of the viral beast. I've been Day Quil free all day and not feeling too horrible. Ok, so I stayed in bed most of the day. Tonight I will dutifully go to Fr. H's class for B. and record the lecture. Hope I don't nod off.

Mr. B. is in India. By all reports, it is not dreadful but not the most pleasant of trips. Evidently, his hotel is near the Sheraton that Bush stayed at this week. I hope to post some of his travel journal soon--B's not Bush's.

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