Monday, April 24, 2006


In Italy, you will find a voluntary committee that investigates the claims of “quacks and gurus” and other so-called wizards that prey on unsuspecting victims [a.k.a. SUCKERS]. The Telefano Antiplagio can be reached at 338/83.85.999 or telefano@antiplagio.org if you suspect a dream interpreter, fortune teller, or someone selling magic games is a quack. But only in Italy, where the law forbids people to be hold the “job of quack.”

This committee esteems efforts to dispell paranormal hoaxes such as the reward offered by Houdini to anyone who could pass his keen eye for fraud. No one before his death or afterward has earned the reward. Open to all mediums of the world, the committee invites those who claim paranormal powers to call the "Telefono Antiplagio" (+393388385999 / +393388074704) or write at antiplagio@libero.it or: c.p. 389, mails box 9124 Cagliari (Italy). Telefono Antiplagio’s test "will be executed in front of a Committee composed by two professional conjurers, two priests, two journalists, a physique, a chemist, a psychiatrist, a notary and chaired by the prof. Giovanni Panunzio, founder of "Telefono Antiplagio."

Among the BEST KNOWN "quacks" investigated by the TA are the Scientology gurus. Evidently, TA does not believe the claims of L Ron Hubbard. The committee has also been called to verify if a hoax is being perpetrated in the occasion of weeping statues of Mary in Italy, specifically La Madonnina of Pantano. In the height of the controversary, Don Pablo, supporter of the canonization of Luisa Piccarreta of the Little Children of the Divine Will [Padre Pio’s followers], came to the aid of the statue. TA’s director has reportedly described methods by which such statues are made to cry.

In the end, perhaps an individual will believe what he/she wants to believe or what he/she needs to believe. Whether Telefono Antiplagio, Factnet, or the FBI finds evidence of a hoax or not, some people will not be persuaded. For in truth, the words of Mr. Barnum are applicable across the planet: "There’s a sucker born every minute and two to take him."

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