Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The Today Show had a segment on false eye-lashes this morning. Madonna has diamond studded fake eye-lashes. They modeled these and other assorted styles of lashes for all face shapes, colors, and sizes. What they didn't tell us is that eye-lashes, your own, can grow longer. Mine have.

With every upside there's a downside. It's the eye-drop used for treating glaucoma that causes the side-effect of longer lashes. My drops which I've used for over a year have caused noticeable lash growth. I asked my ophthalmologist if this growth was limited? Are they going to grow and grow right down to my chin? He assured me that I would not need to tuck them into my headband, that the growth was limited. Thus far, this is true. They are longer, but not yet a nuisance.

The possibility of losing eyesight from glaumoca, if not treated, is serious for those of us who have inherited tendency toward the disease. But meanwhile, as the drug for prevention is used daily, I'll have great eye-lashes. Vision loss due to lashes that weigh down my eye-lid so that I can't open my eyes to see, at this point, is not a problem.

After the eye-lash segment on the Today Show they talked about growing your own vegetable garden. They could have segued from growing your own eye-lashes if they had known.

[[note: Most, but not all, forms of glaucoma are characterized by high intraocular pressure. Intraocular pressure is maintained at normal levels when some of the fluid produced by the eye is allowed to flow out. The fluid (aqueous humor) is produced by the ciliary body where it flows into the anterior chamber and then out through a spongy tissue at the front of the eye called the trabecular meshwork into a drainage canal. In open-angle glaucoma, fluid cannot flow effectively through the trabecular meshwork, and this causes an increase in intraocular pressure causing damage to the optic nerve and leading to vision loss.]]

To see what it looks like having glaucoma as it progresses go HERE

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