Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In celebration of THREE years for debordante baratin online!!
Another Anniversaire Heureux!!

Joy Blogging

How can sitting all day with your eyes on the screen
make you think of new things and say what you mean?
The keys are alive with the power of words
though the thought of it all is something absurd.
In Bloggsville they type and they type and they scroll.
They read and they search trying to make themselves whole.
But all that arrives on the screen are the bits,
the tids and the flotsom and whatever fits.
The blogging goes on, day in, and day out,
as they wonder out loud and shift with each doubt.
It's a Zeuslike land all the words that they blog.
Yet, the bloggers blog on, blog, blog, blog-blog, blog, blog.

originally published online May 17, 2003 FIRST POST - title has been updated

And now, let's celebrate with a trip to France and maybe uncork a flavorful Bordeaux --click your heels three times and your mouse once!

We can't go to France and not see La Tour Eiffel - so now with the wonders of time lapse video, we spend the day in Paris.

Have another glass of wine, to celebrate AND to prevent deafness....
(via Mirabilis)

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