Saturday, July 08, 2006

Favorite Things

Jon's favorite steam engine video--view online.

This video appears to have been taken by a father accompanied by his small sons. It is 6 m. 20s. long, and absolutely nothing much happens. However, in the eyes of a two-year-old this video ROCKS!

More trains for kids:
Alphabet train video

The Railwayshop.com features many dvd's of trains that promise to not to bore you to death with talking about trains, but show you only the train. Children are bored by the droning of the documentary voice explaining every iota of train detail. They merely want to hear the steam whistle and engine--choo choo.

I had been comtemplating buying a dvd camera and sitting near the RR tracks in town in order to make my own video. In St. Louis, in the heat of the summer, this idea was not only expensive but uncomfortable. I was glad to have found some streaming online video spots for Jon to watch. And other RR men (hip hip hurray for UP railroads) have generously searched for more video footage that Jon might enjoy.

ALL this to entertain a two-year-old post-surgery! Three weeks of mild activity is a mighty tall order for a boy with one activity level--HIGH.

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